Cypress hill

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Seen from the motorway to the black mountains the other day.
This large, handsome, lollipop or feather duster shaped Cypress tree –
begged to have its portrait taken!
After a quick detour, I shot it with two overlapping exposures, camera on its side in portrait mode, two join-able shots. As I could never get as much sky with a normal landscape format, also its easier to focus in portrait with a big sky above.
Back at home, a quick join-up was done with Autopanopro.

Leaden Hall – Opacity – Hard Light @ 63%
Lime plaster – Opacity – Overlay 20%
Lost Void – Opacity – Overlay 53%
Ordinance Map – Opacity – Color Burn 59%
Copy of image overlaid with – Opacity – Soft light on top @ 49% –
The sky and the skirt softly brushed off.
A final colour tweak to warm and make the sky slightly green toned.
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