Some soft pastel prettiness to start the week. Flowers are in short supply here at the end of our New Zealand winter but spring can’t be far away, I noticed a solitary crocus in flower in my garden the other day, which reminds me I must go and check to see if the snowdrops are flowering.  Talking of snow, thankfully we’ve not had any here this winter although there was some on the hills yesterday, just hope I’ve not spoken too soon.

On to the processing, I decided a light soft painterly feel was the best for this one. All textures are from the Summer painterly pack.
Iridescent brush@ overlay 52%
Brushed rose @ soft light 62%
Cobalt cloud@ hard light 27 % this layer gave the slight blue tone.
A little of the texture was removed  from the focus flower in each of the above layers, I used a layer mask and a soft brush to do this.
And it was done.
Not a big change but sometimes subtle is best 🙂
See it a bit Flickr

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