Daisy had issues

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The story came about with the bar code idea.
Daisy is a radicalized cow, she always has issues and frequently stomps around the fields with slogans painted on her sides.
Today’s protest is not wanting to be just a number. Her long-suffering farmer owner loves to see what she’s come up with every morning.
Naturally she’s the head of the herd, and always gets the best milking position.
She’s one clever cow!

In this Flickr Challenge we had to use textures on Jill’s start-off Cow image.I think this surreal cow idea came after seeing Swiss Chocolate advertising many years ago in Hamburg. Its not so new, but I like to think my texturing is! 🙂

First I took a photograph of a bar code from a newspaper, and overlaid it onto the cows back after first roughly cloning out the black saddle markings.
I used a quick magic wand to remove the white newspaper background and defringed by 6 pixels.
I then applied a simple warp mode with the 50% visible bar code to roughly get it onto the back in the right position,
it takes a little practice but is fairly easy once mastered.
I softened the bar code and made it slightly fuzzy with gaussian blur @ approx 1.5%.
Next I flattened and made the whole thing B/W and then chose a sepia tone. To pull the whole thing together I used these flypaper textures:

Flypaper Edges #27 – pulled square – Hard Light @ 71% softly brushed away from cows features
Leaden Hall – Hard Light @ 100% softly brushed away from cows features.
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