Paul is away on holiday in the UK at the moment and I’m sure he’ll  come back  in a few days with some wonderful photos to texture  so in the meantime you’re going to get yet another recipe from me.
I am slightly guilty of using the same textures over and over in my photos, this isn’t a bad thing when you know the combinations work, but in this photo I decided to try and use some I don’t use quite as much, try being the operative word!
Pistachio @ soft light 38% masked from flower
Basalt @ Overlay 60% masked from flower
Archival Canvas @ Soft light 29%
Verdigris Mist @ Overlay 32%
Copy of Background @ Soft light 52%
At this stage it looked okay but to my eyes anyway needed something to pull things together so….
Concorde @ Overlay 32%
Curves layer to tweak tone and contrast.

Pistachio and Verdigris Mist are from the Painterly set, Concorde, Basalt and Archival canvas from Text box 2.

See it bigger on Flickr

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