I’m just back from a short holiday at Kaikoura, a lovely coastal town several hundred kilometres north of here. Kaikoura is famed for its whale watching but there’s much more to do…wildlife, fishing seals, wild beaches, walks etc etc….
My holiday coincided with one of the most widespread snow falls we’ve had in New Zealand for many years and while there wasn’t much snow in Kaikoura itself, it was freezing and the surrounding mountains were covered in a good dusting of snow. The bad weather meant grey overcast days, not the best for photography unfortunately. I haven’t had time to do much processing of the photos I did take so here’s an old one featuring the kind of weather I’m dreaming of at the moment.

The processing….
Brushed Rose @ overlay 51%
Scotch mist @ overlay 100%
Peacock @ Soft light 36%
Tempest Sea @ Overlay 51% (masked from the sky using a graduated mask)
At this stage it looked fine but I thought a bit of contrast wouldn’t go amiss so I added…
Nik Contrast Colour Range (but lacking Nik you could use curves or PS Hdr to give a similar effect)
And it was done.
With the exception of Brushed Rose which is from the Summer painterly set, the textures are from the Spring painterly collection.

See it a little larger on Flickr

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