Another drive-by shooting…I’m getting good at taking photos out the car window, thankfully I’m the passenger so I have plenty of opportunity.
I won’t be around for the next week or so but Paul will be here taking care of things.

A lot of textures went into this photo.
I started with
Muscatel @ Linear Light 22%
Laybrinth @ Vivid Light 44%
Lavender Skies @ Vivid Light 25%
Lost Void @ Overlay 61%
Holmes @ Hard Light 64% desaturated a little
Apple Blush @ Hard light 52 % blurred a little
Apple Blush @ Soft light 80% desaturated and masked from the lower portion of the image as it was making it dark.
Brownish colour fill layer @ Overlay 47 %
phew….getting there…:-)
Copy of background Soft light 26 %
Labyrinth @ Overlay 67%

and we’re done!

There was a lot of adding and taking away of layers and tweaking of blending modes and opacities before I came to the combination you see above. Have a great weekend and week ahead everyone!
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