dune daisies

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Its nice when we can show an image that has really been brought
to life with textures!
Taken on our local beach sand dunes with a hazy late afternoon sun.
I wanted to bring the fresh tones out. The fact that the sun was weak helped stop blow-outs and of course the trusty old polarized lens filter also helped.

The original picture is in a landscape format, but this square crop was taken from the center, thus the texture edges, notably, Labyrinth with its dark moody edge effect has been mostly lost.

Apple Blush – Soft Light @ 74%
Necropolis (desaturated) – Soft Light @ 77%
Labyrinth – Overlay @ 37%
Raw Linen – Soft Light @ 100%

After I had finished I decided I wanted more brightness, so just for a change after saving all the layers and merging, I tried Auto brightness and Contrast. I saved just 50% of this brightening effect.
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