empty vessels

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Here’s another still life I threw together.
The tall antique glass vase is probably a french apothecary jar and would have had a big cork stopper, its one of a pair that Martine and I bought from an outdoor flea-market, here in the south of France.
The tiny cracked olive oil decanter and stopper I found on our local communal bins and the small vase came with my little French house!

Its no secret we’ve recently been wowed and bowed over by Nik processing, and this is my first HDR Pro Efex and Color Efex Pro 3.0 Nik combo image. We’re often asked how we manage to get brighter pictures after texturing, and often we cant say because we used our photoshop curves and color tweaks.
But now we’ve found this great set of enhancement programs we should be able to fill in more gaps that until now have missing from our past recipe blogs.

In the above before and after version I used two layers of a black and white HDR Nik enhancement, just to beef the contrast as the room was fairly dark. Then I applied several Flypaper layers on top. The final layer I’m happy to say is Sisley, probably the most difficult, yet I find, endlessly adaptable texture we’ve ever made!

If you don’t yet own Nik programs, you can simply click the side buttons for a 2 week trial period, we promise you’ll not regret downloading these easy to use Photoshop plug-in’s!
Also, just for our US based readers, there is a fabulous one-off Nik sale which ends this Friday 15th July – So Hurry!:-D

B/W Nik HDR copy Normal @ 17%
B/W Nik HDR copy Soft Light @ 30%
Opal – Overlay @ 40%
Paysage Linge – Soft Light @ 65%
Sisley – Pin Light @ 9% (flipped vertically and brushed from table top)

The final cleaned-up published version of this image was given a slight treatment of Glamor Glow from Color Efex Pro 3.0 just to soften the hard HDR edges.
See the final, bigger version on Flickr

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