I don’t think any photographer could have resisted this strangely shaped tree  spotted growing on a river bank one evening. It’s actually a tree being smothered by a vine or creeper of some description and although you can’t really tell from the photo stands at least 4 metres tall. Such vine covered trees are common in many areas and when the vine has completely encased the tree, as it has in this case, you can imagine huge mythical animals or ents!

This had very similar processing to another photo I took at the same time in the same area
Starting from the bottom of the “stack” here are the layers.
Lost Void @ overlay 87%
Lost Void (rotated 180°) @ Multiply 47%
Labyrinth softened with a guassian blur of around 7 @ Linear light 100% (this darkened the edges  of the the image beautifully)
Holmes @ Hard Light 39%
Peach Blush @ Hard Light 32%
Peach Blush @ Overlay 23 %
A solid colour layer in warm tone @soft light 46 % (this was to bring some warmth back into the image)
Copy of background @ Soft light 100%
Copy of background @ multipy 25 %
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