Weeds often make the best photos! These are the small flowers from a weedy shamrock leaved oxalis that pops up in my garden every year. I have a garden full of pretty flowers at the moment and then choose a weed to photograph.

Anyway as requested here’s the texture recipe.
I started by brightening and softening the image, I used a curves adjustment and soft pink fill at screen blending mode to do this
Mulberry silk @ soft light 28%
Brushed Rose @ Soft light 58%
Copy of background @ Soft Light 82%
Cobalt Cloud @ Linear light 38%
Archival canvas @ Linear Burn 49% masked from the focus flower area using a circular graduated mask, this layer was also desaturated and lightened a little using a hue saturation adjustment
Soft pink Graduated fill @ soft light 31% this was to brighten the top right corner mostly as it looked a little murky.
And it was done!

See it on Flickr

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