Flypaper Textures

fishing trip

On Sunday afternoon just to curb the midwinter ‘Cabin fever’
we drove up towards the mountains. The light was clear and the air was crisp, but this time I diverted, hung a left and drove to ‘Lake Salagou’.
Normally its a tourist nightmare, being the biggest and most famous lake in our area of the languedoc, but now in midwinter it’s almost deserted, and apart from it being a couple of meters lower than it should after our 10 year drought, looked superb!
These guys were having a great time, all over the place, drinking, and not much catching as it was too cold for fish to bite. The sun was setting, catching a slight mist. These light misty scenes are ideal to texture.
The last two overlays are blurred because I liked the color they gave but wanted to keep the bokeh effect soft.

Textures used are from both packs, using the first listed to the last.

Chlorophyll (Blurred) Opacity – Soft Light @ 19%
Muscatel – Opacity – Soft Light @ 25%
Apple Blush – Opacity – Soft Light @ 44%
Pompeii Stucco – Opacity – Soft Light @ 32%
Phosphorescence – Opacity – Overlay @ 48%
Phosphorescence (Blurred) – Opacity – Overlay @ 22%
Phosphorescence (Blurred) – Opacity – Overlay @ 22%