fishing trip

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On Sunday afternoon just to curb the midwinter ‘Cabin fever’
we drove up towards the mountains. The light was clear and the air was crisp, but this time I diverted, hung a left and drove to ‘Lake Salagou’.
Normally its a tourist nightmare, being the biggest and most famous lake in our area of the languedoc, but now in midwinter it’s almost deserted, and apart from it being a couple of meters lower than it should after our 10 year drought, looked superb!
These guys were having a great time, all over the place, drinking, and not much catching as it was too cold for fish to bite. The sun was setting, catching a slight mist. These light misty scenes are ideal to texture.
The last two overlays are blurred because I liked the color they gave but wanted to keep the bokeh effect soft.

Textures used are from both packs, using the first listed to the last.

Chlorophyll (Blurred) Opacity – Soft Light @ 19%
Muscatel – Opacity – Soft Light @ 25%
Apple Blush – Opacity – Soft Light @ 44%
Pompeii Stucco – Opacity – Soft Light @ 32%
Phosphorescence – Opacity – Overlay @ 48%
Phosphorescence (Blurred) – Opacity – Overlay @ 22%
Phosphorescence (Blurred) – Opacity – Overlay @ 22%