I took this beach scene on a wintry beach walk a couple of months ago and rediscovered it earlier when I was hunting for a landscape to process.
I like my skies big, so I did a little cloning in of new sky at the top….thankfully my rough cloning has been covered with texture:-)
Umm…and the bird wasn’t in the original either:-)
The textures I used here were Apple Blush (blurred slightly) at Soft Light 73% and because the texture made the sea go a strange colour, I applied a layer mask and removed some of the texture from just the sea. I’ll do a mini tutorial on layer masks some time soon.
Then I added a layer of Grosgrain texture at Hard Light 48%, this didn’t add much texture but it did add some of the green tone you see here, showing that textures can be used to add colour as well as “texture” 🙂
Then after tweaking the red and green colour curves via a curves adjustment, I called it done.