Flying Lessons (or Gull ballet)

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Another from a visit to the beach the other day!
Quite a bit of work went into this one to get the “look” I wanted.
First I duplicated the background and blurred it using a lens blur, and using a layer mask removed some of the blur from the central portion of the photo.
The textures I used were Grande Tour Soft light 33%
Nora Batty Soft light 44%
Shagreen Bone..Screen 19% with a mask added to remove some of the texture effect from the gulls.
Apple Blush Soft light 50%
and finally Grosgrain Overlay 55%
A curves layer was added to tweak the colours.

Remember that these recipes are just a guide, you’d get a totally different result with a different photo so “play”, it’s what I do 🙂