Flypaper Nik Presets 2 Launch

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Flypaper Presets 2

Without further ado, welcome to the 2nd set of much requested fly presets!
The first set was a general catching-up set, but in feedback people told us they were slightly overwhelmed with 80+ presets so this time it’s a reduced, creme de la creme set that will keep you au courant with all the new flypaper processed imaging!
We’re hoping to add to this every few months, depending on our output, whilst keeping the price as low as possible.
This set was produced in winter so its generally a brightening, cheering set, the thumb samples above reflect some the images we’ve created with it and you’ll already have seen a few that were recently blogged but we have many more new blog recipes to share using this and the premier set. We’ve also used these for Halloween and darker, more ‘edgy’ movie type images, including the skull still life’s with black backgrounds and guns etc. we’ll be sure to blog one or two of those soon! For our hardy annual and perennial flower, beach and mountain landscape lovers, we’ve also kept our eye on the ball with Jill’s recent New Zealand spring and summer garden crops and those and more will continue to brighten our blogs mid-winter fare! – Please click the header for a much bigger view of the samples!

Downloads of this very small file are fast and they just need to be unzipped, normally by double right mouse clicking. Then open a picture in your Nik color pro efex and look to the left hand column, on top of the list click – Back – then look to the bottom of the page list to see – Import – click import and a loading page will open, find your unzipped preset file, open and simply select all the presets inside the folder and import. Your collection of new presets will then be found in its own recipe list. Each Preset begins with the handy preface: fly, so you’ll always know this set from others.
Please note, if your copy of Nik color Effex Pro, isn’t newly updated and registered or if its only a trial version, the importing and saving of presets is not possible. If in doubt try downloading this single free preset ‘Here’ as refunds of unusable presets cannot be given due to the nature of software downloads.
A tutorial on installing the presets (including screenshots) can be found HERE
To purchase, please click on the Add to Cart icon. A download link will be sent to you after you’ve made your payment.

Flypaper Nik Color Efex Presets 2

42 presets for use in Nik Colour Efex

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