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I was thrilled to find these still in flower in my garden a couple of weeks back, usually I’d have to wait till spring to see them but our winter here in Dunedin has been relatively mild so far, but as the old saying goes “as the days grow longer, the cold grows stronger” and we often find that this is the case.

Sorry, I don’t do long posts  like Paul in his blog posts or rambles as he puts it,  there’s only so much you can write about flowers after all, but I was surprised when I did the  mouse-over of this one how dark the original photo was compared to the finished one.
*notes to self to try this recipe again*

Gelato Ice @ hardlight 36%
Orange Blossom@ softlight 100%
Copy of background @ soft light 100%
Peacock @ screen 53 % masked from the focus areas.

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