I’ve kept this one back a few months because it was a first try-out with the as then unpublished; Lost Void & Lime Plaster textures.
Its just a shot of Geraniums & ivy on our north facing window ledge.
They caught the sunlight glancing off the stone house windows opposite.
I liked the way this texture combination gives a kind of antique glass look. I was pleased with this painterly effect, reminding me of the Paintings of Lucian Freud, the grandson of Sigmond.

This image uses textures from both Box One and Two.

Lost Void – opacity – Soft light @ 100%
Lost Void – opacity – Overlay @ 46%
Lime plaster – opacity – Overlay @ 46%
Apple blush – opacity – Overlay @ 32%
Necropolis (turned to a dark olive green) – opacity – soft Light @ 100%