Girl with teddies

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In England I bought a full size double hospital X-ray light box from Ebay, cost me next to nothing, but boy did I get burnt for the extra baggage on the flight home!
So, I’ve been going through the old negatives, and came across this shoot with my niece, proudly showing her party outfit in their garden.
The late spring weather was very soft and thundery and she’s looking up at me, being tall I don’t think I’m standing on anything, but that would be the best way to get this effect yourselves!

The base negative scan has been though the CS5 HDR filter to brighten and slightly smooth the 35mm film grain, Ive also hand spot removed with the spot remover tool.
I scanned at 1200 DPI in Tiff mode, saved in 300 dpi in CS5 and converted this landscape format shot to 4000pixels high, cropping square. Using textures from both the Summer and Spring painterly Flypaper sets;

Pantheon Stone Overlay @ 49%
Creme Anglaise Normal @ 100% brushed from figure
Creme Anglaise Soft Light @ 54%
Brushed Rose Overly @ 100% desaturated and brushed from figure and top left
Iorek Ice Overlay @ 43%
Followed by a final use of curves to tweak tone.

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