Golden Daisies (with texture recipe)

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I “played” with this photo for hours before coming up with this and thought you might like to know my “recipe”. Though of course you’ll have to treat the instructions as a guide as no two photos react in the same way when treated with texture.

First I duplicated my background and did a little tidy up with the clone tool.
Then I added a black and white adjustment layer and reduced its opacity to 30%, this desaturated the image slightly.
I then started trying out different textures and finally settled on a layer of Flypaper Bruised Saffron at Color 22%
Then another layer of Bruised saffron this time at Multiply 11 %
Next was a layer of Apple Blush at Overlay 40 % followed by two layers of Pompeill Stucco, the first at Soft Light 72% and the second at Hard Light 40%
If any of the textures are dominating too much, you can blur them slightly by using a Gaussian blur of around 2-4 which is what I did
Enjoy 🙂