green pineapple

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This week I started a new Photoshelter account and was searching for images to stock it with, when I came across this abandoned oldie from February. Coming from a batch of pears I’d shot, it had been rejected because it was a little over-textured. But by simply clicking off the final texture I could see it had possibilities, so I brightened up another earlier texture, and there it was, finally, a usable image!
Thank goodness I always save my images with their full layers in photoshop files!

Processing was straightforward but used many textures to build up great textural depth. This was made during my desaturated period, thus many textures were first desaturated.
I start as always from the first texture used to the last.
Being a pre-summer image it only uses the first two texture sets.

Antique Liaisons – Overlay @ 23% desaturated
Backdrop – Hard light @ 70%
Backdrop – Multiply @ 71%
Leadenhall – Hard light @ 45% desaturated and pulled down from the image
Colosseum Sienna – Soft Light @ 75% desaturated
Antique Liaisons – Overlay @ 100% desaturated
Necropolis – Soft Light @ 100% desaturated
Base image duplicated – Overlay @ 31% desaturated
Base image duplicated – Hard Light @ 53%
Base image – Normal @ 22%
Base image duplicated desaturated – Soft light 36%
Raw Linen – Overlay @ 71% desaturated
Necropolis – Soft Light @ 100% desaturated
Necropolis – Soft Light @ 100% desaturated to purple

Regarding the aforementioned Photoshelter account, at the moment it is only set-up for selling RM licenses for now. If anyone would like to purchase a print, please use the contact link on that sites page, and I’ll be happy to turn on the printing and prices for selected images!

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