Grunge Bluebell

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It’s midwinter here in New Zealand so this one is from last spring -I’m counting the days (or maybe months) till they’re in flower again, in fact I’m looking forward to having any flowers in the garden. There are some weeds still flowering (must be why weeds are so successful) so I think I’ll have to resort to photographing them soon 🙂

Now onto the processing.
Apple Blush @ Overlay 100%
Fly Edge 18 @ soft light 58 % -this was stretched over the image so its edges weren’t so prominent, it’s’ this layer that gave most of the grunge.
Ming @ Soft light 100% which gave much of the bluish toning.
Ming @ Soft light 100% Don’t be afraid to try doubling a texture layer at the same opacity, doing this here added lots more depth and enhanced the blue tone. I removed some of the texture from the focus flowers in these two ming layers using a layer mask.
Curves layer to tweak tone and contrast.

See the photo on Flickr

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