Back to one of favourite subjects, dried climbing hydrangea flowers; this one was taken last autumn in my basement “studio”. The reality of my studio is quite different to how it appears in my photos but I don’t think I’ll go into that or it will ruin the mystique, I will say that dirty windows make great light diffusers!

The processing for this one was very quick, it was one of the rare cases where almost all the textures I initially tried worked. Choosing the right textures for a photo is  a mixture  of trial and error, intuition and luck -sometimes I’ll try 10 or even more I come up with a combination that works.

Aquarius @ Overlay 100% desaturated a little to tone down the green
Necropolis @ Soft Light 100% desaturated a little also
Peach Blush@ Soft light 35% to add a little warmth

Aquarius is from Summer Painterly, Necropolis from Tex Box 1 and Peach Blush from Tex Box 2.

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