Homeward bound

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A freezing walk on our local French beach with friends and their dogs over the weekend, produced this simple image. The glow of the cold mid-winter sun warmed by applying several flypaper textures and this time, no colour tweaks!
I’m typing this whilst looking out over gently falling snow flakes,
Europe and this, our northern Mediterranean coastline is now in a Siberian icebox!

Necropolis (blurred) Opacity – Soft Light @ 46%
Raw Linen – Opacity – Overlay @ 73%
Colosseum Sienna – Opacity – Soft Light @ 16%
Ordinance map (brushed off sky) Opacity – Vivid Light @ 7%
Caramel Soft – Opacity – Soft Light @ 54%
Muscatel – Opacity – Soft Light @ 62%

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