This is the tiny flower of Herb Robert or Geranium robertianum, it grows like a weed in my garden but thankfully it doesn’t have much in the way of roots so is easy to pull out. When crushed it has a very pungent smell; the books say like foxes but never having smelled or seen a fox I wouldn’t know;  and like many of the geranium family has it’s seeds in capsules which “explode” to disperse the seed widely.
It’s herbal properties have been known for centuries and recently it’s been used as a herb for cancer prevention or treatment as it’s apparently a very good immune enhancer. Read more about this special and useful herb here.

This macro looked okay prior to textures, in fact I was tempted to leave it as it was but I thought I’d try and give the image more of a botanical illustration type effect so I processed it in the following way.

Backdrop @ Multiply 61%
Archival Canvas @ Multiply 73% warmed by using a hue saturation adjustment
Peach Blush @ Hard light 55 %
Copy of background @ overlay 38% (to add some detail back into the image)
I finished with a colour curve adjustment for a final tweak of tone and contrast.
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