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I love finding forgotten images in my archives, I turned this one up yesterday, I think the red background of the original had put me off processing earlier. The shell in the photo was found on a local beach, they’re tiny, only a centimetre or so across but can be found in great numbers at the low tide mark and there’s a lot of variation between them. I loved this one for it’s wonderful iridescent colour.

Processing as always was very easy.
I started by using a hue saturation adjustment and desaturated the red channel only.
Then a fairly strong curves adjustment to increase the contrast.
Converted to black and white to taste using the Photoshop black and white adjustment @ 48% opacity.
Now the textures….
Mudbits0124a @ Soft light 22%
L’ocean bleu @ Overlay 100 %
It looked okay at this stage but to add a bit more drama I went to Nik Color Efex and added used the Darken/lighten centre filter at fairly subtle settings.
And it was done!
Mudbits is from the Naturalbits pro pack, L’ocean bleu is from The Autumn Painterly Pack.

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