Last week, armed with a piece of black card, I took the dog a walk to our local Park of the poets to photograph iceland poppies, thankfully as the wind was low I managed several acceptable shots. See it on Flickr .

Later, at the duck pond I took a few experimental shots,
I couldn’t see a thing in the bright afternoon sun and so tend to guess, this Iris is one such lucky shot! That’s green pond water in the background.
This selected image worked because the background was blurred or out of focus.
I spent ages on this recipe, but decided, finally, the colour was just too bright, so after flattening,
I desaturated around 50%.
The secret to getting a good effect here is the careful, neat brushing, removing the Fly Edges No.3, the second texture used, from the flower.

Fly Edges No.3 – Soft Light @ 100%
Fly Edges No.3 – Normal @ 81% (texture brushed from flower)
Fly Edges No. 10 – Hard Light @57%
Lime Plaster – Hard Light 100% (texture brushed from flower)
Lost Void – Overlay @ 19%
Lost Void – Soft Light @100% (flipped)
Copy of Base image – Soft Light @ 100%

Merge all together, save
De-saturate around 50% Save
Here I decided the whole thing was too soft, so…
Double up base image, to the top image, do this:
Filter – Sharpen-Unsharp Mask
Filter – Artistic-Pallet knife 10%
Filter- Artistic- Poster Edges10%
Brush this top layers background away from flower leaving flower sharpened only.
Merge, two layers, save.
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