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This was a quick shot I took yesterday on a shelf in our glasshouse, I put an old tray behind the shelf as a backdrop, gathered some vine prunings and then picked a twig of japonica from the shrub growing nearby and voila!  Japonica or Chaenomeles japonica has spiky branches, brilliant coloured flowers which appear before the leaves in spring, and in autumn there are japonica fruit. I’ve never used the fruit but apparently you can. Japonica Jelly anyone?

Anyway, the processing.
I started by processing the image in Nik colour efex, unfortunately I don’t remember the exact settings I used, I sometimes save my recipes but didn’t in the case. I “think” it could have been one of the vintage film presets, tweaked to give the colour you see here.
Then it was time for textures
Smoky Dusk @ Overlay 65% masked from the focus flower
Smoky Dusk @ multiply 39% masked from the lower portion of the image using a graduated fill mask.
Masque @ Overlay 61% masked from the flowers
Tintype 30 @ Multiply 75% it was partially removed from the central portion of the image leaving the edges untouched.

Smoky Dusk is from the Metallic Pack, Masque is from the August Painterly and the Tintype 30 is from the Tintype pack.

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