l’ennui du dimanche

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I spotted this wonderfully lit building whilst coming out of a Beziers art gallery one Sunday afternoon, the weather was a little washed out and everything looked bleached gray except this eighteenth century building painted a cool shade of ocher.
Naturally, when I uploaded it was washed out too..:-/
So out came the rich flypaper textures to inject that lost light and atmosphere!
This time I used some of the textures doubled up.

I used Pompeii stucco @ soft light opacity 46%
Necropolis @ overlay opacity 34%
Necropolis again @ fill opacity 61%
Elysium (twice) @ multiply opacity 37%, – fill @ 40%
Raw Linen (twice) @ soft light opacity 87%
Caramel soft @ soft light – fill 61%

The green shutter colour is a traditional Provincial moss green, however in this area the shutters are normally a pale pastel gray/blue,
this is used to help keep the flies away!