les visiteurs

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Captured from the hip on my way up to the spectacular bell-view, previously photographed many times, next door to the cathedral,
which can just be glimpsed at the top, behind the end house.
I spent hours removing the electrical clutter, mostly from the right hand side of the lane and the horrible council bins behind the people.
This lane is normally littered with restaurant tables, I even once saw a rather ‘merry’ Mayor of London eating at this very same lane, I’m not saying which though!

I decided to paint over the couple and turn them into snappy silhouettes! I did this before adding these textures;

Raw Linen, (blurred) Vivid Light @ 34%
Caramel soft (blurred) Overlay @ 100%
Labyrinth (blurred) Soft Light @ 18%
Base Image copy – Luminosity @ 10%
Merge all.
To get the Blue/Green tones, I made a green version and a blue version, I merged together and thought, this needs more texture!
So, I added a final extra copy of:
Labyrinth – Overlay @ 87%
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