Life goes on

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Another human for our professional readers!
Taken on a professional Portrait shoot with French Artist, Martine Roch a couple of years ago.
This one was never used but I now like the little surreal looking figure with a bucket in the corner!
It was shot in that cold, sharp April light, the shadows being so dark,
it needed a little help, thus we used a reflector for fill-in light.
We were standing on the Sea’s breakwater for the maximum light reflected off the sea.
It was so bright, Martine couldn’t open her eyes!
Shot in tiff.

Textures shown from first used to last.
Necropolis – Soft Light @ 34%
Raw Linen – Hard Light @ 48%
(this texture brushed off all the model)
Caramel Soft – Hue @ 43%
(texture brushed off the models head only)

This last texture setting is the important one for the
lovely grayness, Its percentage is vital as too little and the color is too bright, too much and it becomes sepia!
We’re talking Goldilocks!:-)
Bigger version on my Flickr site.