Martine Roch

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French surrealist artist Martine Roch is well and truly stuck on Flypaper textures! So, to coincide with her new exhibition this weekend,
we thought we’d do a little Q & A feature on her.
Martine is  a professional artist/illustrator and Getty photographer.
Her muse is her famous female Labrador ‘Boudi’. They are based in Dijon, north east France.
Recently Martine has wowed Paris with her large selection of greetings cards and small stationary items. These are to be found in the best card shops world wide, or can now be ordered online HERE in time for Xmas!

“desperate housewife”

You use our textures mostly as backdrops we notice…?
Yes I do ! your textures are too good and I like using them to give depth to my images.

We see ‘image above’ you are venturing into real printed Canvas, do you have any processing tips to share for our readers also wishing to print on this medium, did you come across any printing problems that caused you to have to re-jig your images to get them ready?
Yes many problems! But really it’s not problems it’s only about to get rid of the difference between screens and printed result. The main thing is to find a very professional person who with you can fix the colours problem, light and so on, before printing. I mean you need to see your image on his screen, that screen connected to the printer, and the printer must be really well adjusted. Then you’ll have a very good result. You need professional quality canvas too…

Would you like to share with us your printing company contact details for our French readers?
His name is Thomas HAZEBROUCK, and his telephone number : 0677845465, city of Dijon. Plus, he is the nicest guy on earth !

Do you have any tips etc for our readers?
You mean to use textures ? Texture can be used in so many ways… it’s difficult to give some tips. Really it depends on what people wants to give to their image. There is no recipe, only working on the image to get the result they want. Photoshop is a tool box : use it !

You have a live show opening on Friday, I’m sure you’d like to offer our readers the details?
With pleasure. It’ll be Galerie Inspirations, 16 rue de la Paix à NANTES 44000, NW France – tél. 02 40 35 37 09 I’ll be there on Thursday afternoon and all day this Friday, 6th Nov.

Please visit Martine on Flickr or on her  Website 
Her cards, notebooks and other products are available HERE
Or visit Martine and say ‘hi’ to obtain personalised, signed art and stationary at the all day Vernissage on Friday 6th Nov. at the gallery!