I never tire of the beach! I visit this city beach on a regular basis and it’s different every time I go. On this occasion the sea fog combined with a very low tide provided wonderful shooting conditions, if the sun had peeked through the clouds that would have been the icing on the cake but unfortunately it didn’t cooperate.
I’ve just made a Redbubble Calendar of my Flypaper flowers, perhaps I should do a beach one too 🙂

The starting image you see above has already been toned blue using various adjustments.
Then it was texture time…
Pistachio @ Overlay 25%
Lavender Skies @ Soft light 100%
Brushed Rose @ Overlay 68%
Then I merged visible Ctrl -Alt-Shift-E and used the PS5 fake HDR adjustment on the merged layers to enhance contrast and colour.
I then added
Brushed Rose @ Linear light 23% and desaturated a little, removed from the lower portion using a graduated mask.
Curves adjustment to brighten the foreground.

See it on Flickr

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