Misty morning

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This image was done for a texturing challenge over on Flickr, the starting image was kindly  provided by flickr member  Adrigu . Misty landscapes are always great to texture so I jumped at the chance to do this and thought I’d share my recipe here.

To start with I cropped the original rectangle square and roughly added some extra sky.
Serafina Sky @ Soft Light 100%
Concorde @ Overlay 100%
Copy of background @ Overlay 46%
Iridescent Brush @ Subtract  52% (subtract is a new blending mode that appeared in CS5, if you don’t have CS5 you’re going to have to experiment with some of the other modes)
Then I added the birds.
Brown blurred texture from seriykotik1970 @ overlay 83% this added warmth but didn’t do all that much texturally. A warm colour blending mode would probably have achieved the same effect.
At this stage my photo looked like this

It was okay but needed a bit of “life” so I lightly used the fake HDR adjustment (in CS5), this brightened things and especially accentuated the painterly sky textures.  A careful curves adjustment may have achieved something similar.
Iridescent brush and Serafina Sky are from the Painterly pack, Concorde is from Tex Box 2.
See it bigger on Flickr

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