My favourite things….

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Just looking at this photo conjurers up the smell of lavender for me.
I have a huge lavender bush growing beside the path up to our gate, another grown from a cutting I filched from somewhere. It’s nice to be able to walk past it an rub your hands over it release the scent, watching out for bees of course 🙂 The problem is it’s a little too big for where it’s planted and and when it rains, especially when it’s in bloom you tend to get wet walking past it, so I’ve got a “protection order” on it to prevent other family members from giving it a haircut.

Anyway..the processing.
To start with I cloned out a bit of background I didn’t like (you don’t see that here though).
To start with I tweaked the tone and contrast using a colour curves layer and a hue and saturation layer.

Then it was texture time and I used
Holmes @ Hard light 44 %
Backdrop @ Hard light 27 % (with a tiny amount of texture removed from over the flowers).
I finished with a dark blue colour in fact 0e2333 at Exclusion 21 % but this didn’t make a great deal of difference to finished image.
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