National Grid

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This was taken when I visited the lovely hot pools resort village of Hanmer Springs NZ, last weekend. Just over the hill from town the countryside becomes much wilder and  very picturesque with largely unspoiled tussock land and snowy mountains -that is  apart from the ever present power pylons which follow the road. They take electricity from the southern hydro lakes to the North Island and are very hard to avoid in a photo, at least without walking for miles. So rather than trying to clone them out, I tend to use them as a focal point.

I had intended doing this one entirely with fly edges but got playing (as I do). So the processing…
Fly Edge 24 @ Hard Light 57%
Zuriel Stone @ Hard light 77 % with a little brushed off the lower grown portion of the photo as it made things too dark.
Copy of the Background @ Overlay 72%
Labyrinth @ Hardlight 72% -this layer pulled things together and added a bit of a vignette
Levels layer to tweak the tone.
Zuriel Stone is from Summer Painterly, Labyrinth from Texbox2

See it a little larger on Flickr

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