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Over the past year we have had several email requests asking for textures that brighten images and also textures give a more painterly look. To tell you the truth, we wanted them ourselves! With this in mind, we started working on the Summer Painterly set. And here it is, all of them have been tested over the past few weeks, and we’ve already had some great feedback!

We have lovely summer skies, shimmering with cool brush strokes, riding the desert on cracked old leather saddles you’ll find basking turtles on rare metallic touchstones, and the finest silk will envelop your images! Your landscapes will be enlivened, skies will become painterly and your colours will zing! All pulled together with some angelic names pulled from ancient mythology and classic fantasy fiction.

Anyhow, here’s the science bit!
We’ve managed to cram a whopping 36 full sized professional textures into this new pack, this is the biggest normal Tex pack we could make!
Yet, after downloading we have found it still only takes us around 20 minutes, so you’ll still need that coffee! Now we can finally start the Summer Painterly tutorials!
Here comes Summer! 🙂

Summer Painterly Pack
36 large textures for only
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Please note that this is big file so the download may take a while perhaps a coffee break would be a good idea while you’re downloading.

The textures are high quality,  4000 by 4000 px square at 300dpi and can be used for your personal or commercial work. All our textures can be used in any editing programme that supports the use of layers, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp etc

Textures in the pack are: Absinthe Vert, Aquarius, Azriel Map, Baltamos Blue, Brushed Rose, Cobalt Cloud, Dawn Grunge, Desert Djinn, Dorian Gray, Elyon Grunge, Europium, Evening Veil, Ezekiel Plum, Gorgon Hide, Harbour Wall, Iorek Ice, Iridescent Brush, Matmos Lake, Moleskin, Mouse, Mulberry Silk, Nimbus Cloud, Nuriel Clouds, Oxford Parchment, Pan’s Sky, Pistachio, Purple Haze, Sahara Saddle, Sariel Leather, Serafina Sky, Sygian Tin, Touchstone, Turtle Shell,  Uriel Green, Verdigris Mist, Zuriel Stone.