Cecille Brunner is such a pretty little rose, I have the bush variety and it’s lovely at this time of the year. My mother used to have the climbing version in her old garden, it was a huge bush which scrambled up an old plum tree and was smothered in blossom and seemed to grow new branches overnight, we had roses in the spring and plums in the summer!

Anyway back to the texturing, as Paul says we’ve been asked how we go about deciding which textures to use, and for me at least it’s all a matter of trial and error especially at the moment when I’m still learning how our textures in the new Tex Box 2 behave with photos. I don’t usually have a look in mind when I start processing, but just open some likely looking textures and “play”, and if I’m lucky, something works 🙂

In this one after the initial square crop (I’m a square addict) I went to our new texture pack and decided on:
Archival Canvas @ Soft Light 100% this added a nice subtle texture and I could’ve left it like that, but I thought I’d see what some other textures looked like.
Backdrop@ Multiply 100% (which added some depth)
Holmes @ SoftLight 100% for some grunge and to add interest with the banding of this texture at top and bottom.
Copy of original image @ SoftLight 63% this added a little more definition
And it was done!