Off-Season becomes her

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On my recent trip to England I drove to Eastbourne, which is about a 30 min drive east along the coast from Brighton, or as the locals call,
‘London-on-Sea’ as so many ex-Londoners have moved there over the past 20 years.
Eastbourne is the poorer, more sedate neighbor, boasting superb unspoiled white cliffs and the most popular suicide jump in the UK!
Its pier is by far the better of the two famous piers, Eastbourne’s pier also retains its Victorian Camera Obscura, which was closed for many years after a fire. However, I read this is now open again, though sadly not on the day I visited! Its the big dome on the right.
My afternoon visit was gloomy one, thick Stygian cloud-cover hung ominously over a becalmed green sea. The piers lights were mostly off, which was a shame as I think the few lights that were on really added something.

The above picture was shot with a circular polarizer, as have all my UK trips pictures had because the dratted thing was stuck on! On my return to France I took it back to the camera shop and they managed to release it by simply wrapping doubled up elastic bands around the edge of the PL for a better grip, Its a great tip I wish I had known back in England!

For the processing, I wanted to enhance the gloomy feel, so I started with the soft grunge from Flypaper pack 2, moving on to Summer Painterly for the Stygian tin edges and finishing with Nuriel clouds, to give the sky a bit of oomph!

Burnished Clay – Overlay @ 100%
Lime Plaster – Multiply @ 73% flipped vertically
Labyrinth – Overlay @ 100% Desaturated
Stygian tin – Soft Light @ 100% Desaturated with bottom brushed away.
Lime Plaster – Multiplied @ 55% flipped vertically
Nuriel Clouds – Soft Light @ 100% Desaturated
Nuriel Clouds – color @ 21% Desaturated

Some grunge was gently brushed away from the pier and its legs, to allow more light through.

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