This wonderful tree sits in the middle of farmland high in the South Otago hills.  From the first time I saw it 3 or so years ago I loved it and now I try and stop each time we go past. My aim is to take a photo from the paddock itself (this was taken from the road) but there is a very steep scrub covered bank between the road and the fence.

I had intended to process this in the same way as my recent Cow photo but the texture opacities and blending modes I used there, didn’t work very well  on this photo so I had to do some adjustments to get the “look” you see above.

It was processed with
Basalt @ Soft Light 72%
Algae @ Soft Light 97 %
Algae @  Multiply 29%
Peach Blush @ Overlay 45 %
Peach Blush @ Soft Light 33 %
Tarte Tatin (from texbox 1) @ Soft Light 100%
Lavender Skies @ multiply 41 %

Then it was a matter of tweaking the tone and contrast.
I used a hue saturation layer to tone down the overall green cast, a curves layer to adjust the contrast and tweak the tone a little more. All these extra adjustments are really a matter of taste so it pays to experiment.
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