I bought these lovely wrinkly black New Zealand passionfruit today especially for photographic purposes, always a good excuse! Likewise the tamarillos, which must be amongst my favourite fruit. Unfortunately neither of these delicious fruit grow outdoors down here in southern New Zealand, but the tamarillo’s at least grow almost like weeds further north. I’m jealous!
I suspect this still life composition is going to be a work in progress or at least it will be as long as the fruit lasts….we had tamarillos for desert tonight!

Anyway the processing.
I only used one texture in this so it was fairly simple.
After duplicating the background I added
Sahara Saddle (Summer Painterly) @ Soft Light 72% this was de-saturated a little using a Hue saturation adjustment and with a little texture softly brushed from the focus passionfruit using a layer mask.
To tone down the larger lemon a little I added
Sahara Saddle @ soft light 25% de-saturated as before. The texture was just applied to the lemon.

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