path through pinewood mist

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Twisty paths are journeys and this kind of imagery is the perfect metaphor for the interesting twists and turns of a life story and thus make perfect book cover images!

Over the Christmas period I’d been casually looking for art old college friends on the net after getting back in touch with ‘Lesley’ last summer – a college friend through a mutual London friend, who is a famous art book writer and style guru Maria Costanitino – it turned out we’d both been in London for many years with the same friend and never come across each other, then I moved to France whilst she’d been in New York for many years.
This week we were chatting online and she casually said she wished she’d not lost contact with a another mutual friend that had moved here to France, so afterwords I did a quick google search and found the elusive friend in less than 60 seconds! She’s now a famous French Designer, I recognized her immediately: Amanda, whose mother amazingly – I thought in a five degrees of separation kind of way – went to school with the famous Dudley Moore!

Previously after chatting with Lesley, I’d  searched and come across another old college friend, Steve – who shoots for Corbis images – this time it was through  finding his new photography website; Steve Lupton Photographer.
So I left a message and a few days later heard back from him, and we got on like the zillion year interlude had never happened! It turns out that everybody thought Id just disappeared  after I’d  left college, when in fact I’d just moved 200 miles down to London to be better able to work in the art field. I discovered that he was now an established international food photographer, who had of late successfully turned his talents to website development. He checked out our work and was inspired enough to try our Flypaper Textures. His superb subtly textured results can be seen here: Steve Lupton Photographer

Getting back to my misty twisted path, its an image I shot a few years ago and recently rediscovered, our new Fly Presets inspired me to try texturing it, and also the newly enhanced adobe raw processing program to get rid of the blown-out sky effect, not that it was, as you can see in the base image mouse-over. I started off using our Fly Presets, chose one and then tweaked it, saved it and ran it through another new preset – which will be in our next Fly Preset II set, due out soon! I then textured using our Flypaper Textures Metallic set as in the recipe below.

Fly II Path in Mist Preset
Fly II Path in Mist 2 Preset
Alice – Soft Light @ 100%
Dystrophia – Soft Light @ 16%
Smoky Dusk – Soft Light @ 100%
Scuffed Rust – Soft Light @ 16%

These 4 textures are from the Metallic Pack.
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