Pink roses

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These Clair Matin roses are looking particularly beautiful in the garden at the moment in their second flush of flowers for the season so I couldn’t resist picking a few for some photos and also to bring some of their colour and fragrance indoors.
I kept the processing fairly light this time to allow the roses to be the star of the photo, it’s sometimes a bit of a juggling act deciding how to process a photo with textures but in this case the decision was fairly easy as the light tone, background¬† and composition doesn’t really lend itself to heavy texturing anyway.

So onto the processing
Weta @ Soft Light 100% brushed lightly from the flowers.
Fly II Preset Allium adjusted to suit, for this photo I turned on the glamour glow to add a little softness.

Weta is from the Autumn Painterly Pack, Fly Preset II Allium is from the Flypaper 2 Preset Pack

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