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Last year we posed the question, “Ever wondered how we got to our Texturing Stage –  Our Pre-Processing, getting the image ready to Texture?
We answered that question comprehensively when we published the first preset collection that sold phenomenally well!  However without resting on our laurels, over the holiday period we continued to produce loads of new imagery, and with those images came a different flavoured new set of presets that we’ve been begged for!

So to continue with this sharing, we’re complimenting the first pack with 42 brand new presets we’ve since created and a few that were missed from the Premier set!
These new, creme de la creme presets will get you up to speed with our glowing wintry skies and moody interiors, this set will also fill you in on our newest book cover type imagery processing, so, many presets will suit portrait style processing, easily changed btw, by moving the filter sliders to suit your landscapes too!

Downloads of this very small file are fast and they just need to be unzipped, normally by double right mouse clicking. Then open a picture in your Nik color pro efex and look to the left hand column, on top of the list click – Back – then look to the bottom of the page list to see – Import – click import and a loading page will open, find your unzipped preset file, open and simply select all the presets inside the folder and import. Your collection of new presets will then be found in its own recipe list. Each Preset begins with the handy preface: fly, so you’ll always know this set from others.
Please note,  if your copy of Nik color Effex Pro, isn’t newly updated and registered or if its only a trial version, the importing and saving of presets is not possible. If in doubt try downloading this single free preset ‘Here’ as refunds of unusable presets cannot be given due to the nature of software downloads.
A tutorial on installing the presets (including screenshots) can be found HERE
The Nik plugin for Photoshop can be purchased from DXO
To purchase, please click on the Add to Cart icon. A download link will be sent to you after you’ve made your payment.

Flypaper Nik Color Efex Presets 2

42 presets for use in Nik Colour Efex

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Presets in the pack are:
Allium, Arch, Beach Huts, Beach Symmetry, Beach Walk, Bone Counters, Cards & Deed, Castle and Field, Corner Field, Cypress Hill, Dimanche, Dragon, Dune Path to Boat, Egg Bowl, Escala, Fallen Pine, Forest Pines, Ginger Jar, Indenture Lamp, Jug and Sponge, Martello Tower, Olivier, Oxygene, Park Trees, Path in Mist 2, Path Redux, Phone Man, Resistance, Sea Shelter, Shelf 2, Shell, Shelves, Skull2, Skull and Candle, Skull Dominoes, Skull, Stair lamp, Subtle, Telephone, Top of the World, Tor, White Cliffs.