Another one of my “out the car window”  shots where I’ve had to do a little “cleaning” of the pesky fence posts that appeared in the raw image  -what would we do without photoshop 🙂 This was taken in the early evening light on our way home from visiting family in Central Otago over Easter. I liked the way the textures have added depth and given it a painted feel.
See it on Flickr

Processed as follows using textures from both packs.
Necropolis @ overlay 75%  with a slight tweak of tone with a hue saturation layer
Peach Blush @ Mulitply 65%
Algae @ Overlay 100 % with the texture removed from the lower section ( I used this and the following layer to give the sky its greenish tinge)
Algae@ Overlay 16%
Levels layer to tweak tone
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