red car – green car

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Over on Flickr we have a surrealist image group called  Man Ray
In this group we run image contests, where a donated start-off image is used by everybody who enters, to be manipulated in a surreal way.
Its a great way to flex your photoshop skills and learn from some real post production masters. Jill’s Rabbit caught in Car Headlights – featured in this blog went on to win last weeks contest!

This weeks start-off image is a red hot rod car. The base shows the car slightly desaturated, and above is my finished manipulation.
Firstly, I selected Flypaper Leadenhall as a background, to this I added some winter bushes and Lime Plaster to beef it up.
I then desaturated the red car, changing the colour with the sliders and carefully cut it out, placing it into the background, as above.

Next I followed the recipe below, I used my free green water texture to brighten and pull the colours together.
Other tweaks followed, like adding the missing shadow at the back of the car.

Stone carving layer – Luminosity @ 34% (desaturated) brushed from car
Leaden Hall – Linear Light @ 22%
Free Water Texture – Soft Light @ 62% (link below)
Volcanic Larva – Soft Light @ 33% brushed from car
Labyrinth – Hard Light @ 86% brushed from central area & car
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