sea walkers

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We’re lucky in this far western tip of the French Côte d’Azur area,
with our crisp clear skies, making these wonderfully dramatic shadows.
The downside is the very dry North Westerly windchill from the surrounding mountains.
This wind is called the Tramontane – meaning north wind which also keeps the winter clouds at bay, so its not all bad!
Indeed its just what made this coastline popular with the 18th and 19th century aristocratic British travelers, as the clean dry air was prescribed as the perfect antidote for tuberculosis, then known as consumption.

On our local Jetty at Valras Plage we have this wonderful classically built look-out, and I’ve been meaning to use it for ages.
Shot from the hip, this image is more or less straight from the camera.
Processed simply with these flypaper textures, from the first listed used to the last final top copy of the base image,
to bring back the contrasts.

Orient Express ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 53%
Colosseum Sienna (desaturated) ~ Opacity ~ Overlay @ 43%
Raw Linen ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 100%
Base image (with color ramped up) ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 31%
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