smooth skater

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In the north of France, Martine and I visited an ice-skating rink.
As there were some kind of championships taking place we took our camera’s and spent a very cold hour or two, shooting hundreds of ambient lit photographs.

I’d never been to such a show before and was thus amazed to see these kids getting teddies and dolls thrown onto the ice afterwords instead of the flowers adults get! We both had surreal visions of these kids houses filled to bursting point with all these soft toys!

Processing was easy, firstly I used the ‘reduce noise’ filter a few times, as there was quite a bit of color noise. I also cloned away some blurring around the boy. As he was traveling at great speed I was following him with the lens. This is the cause of the background blur, which I liked.

The textures I used brightened the image, playing with the color sliders I came up with this recipe by trail and error, mostly to counter-act the dull pink lighting.
Our square format textures pull easily into the landscape format as above.

Colosseum Sienna ~
(desaturated to pale blue) ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 81%
Muscatel (desaturated to a dark green) ~ Opacity ~ Soft Light @ 59%

To finish, the dark Green Muscatel was brushed from the boys shirt, head and hands to bring out the pink/mauve tones.
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