I have just returned from a wonderful long weekend at Lake Tekapo which is nestled at  the base of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. While the weather wasn’t perfect, the magnificent snowy mountains were hidden from view by low cloud most of the time. Fortunately, I did manage to capture several soft misty atmospheric scenes, which we find are perfect for texture processing.
This photo was taken on the road down from the Roundhill ski area high above the glacier fed Lake Tekapo. I certainly got my snow fix up there!

Now the processing, because of the subject matter I wanted to keep it relatively simple.
Pistachio @ overlay 100% with some of the texture removed from the road as it made it too green.
Pistachio @ soft light 100% I desaturated this layer a little because at full saturation the greenness was overwhelming the subject
Touchstone @ soft light 64 % this one probably wasn’t necessary but it added depth.
Sariel Leather @ soft light 41%
And that was it 🙂 See it on Flickr

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