I’ve been busy cataloguing my photos for the past few days; it’s going to be a long job!
I started off using AdobeBridge but someone suggested that Lightroom was the way to go. I’ve tried using Lightroom once before but gave up, preferring the extra control that Bridge and ACR gave me in processing my Raw files.  Anyway I decided to give it another chance, even if I just used it for the keywording. I duly imported my photos and  I do like the way you can see all your images at once rather than in folders. The keywording  is fairly easy to do but when I imported all my files I also imported all the keywords I’ve added in fits and starts over the years -this might have been a bonus but unfortunately it’s messed up the carefully constructed keyword list and hierarchy I’d created in Bridge. So until I figure out how to get rid of all the duplicates and triplicates and suchlike, I’ve gone back to the slower but more accurate Bridge.
One of the bonuses of all this is coming across photos you’d forgotten about, the one above is one of these.
I quite liked it plain, but textures are too addictive!
I used
Fly edge 28 @ soft light 35%
Peach Blush @ hard light 100 % desaturated
Cyprus Haze @ overlay 47 %
Fly edge 3 @ overlay 20 %
Added to this I also did various curves, levels, and brightness contrast adjustments to get the tone I wanted

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