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It’s extraordinarily warm here in southern New Zealand today. It’s still technically winter and here we are wearing tee-shirts and sandals and with all the windows open….global warming or just a freakish weather pattern? It’s lovely but I’m sure winter will return shortly!

Anyway, the photo….it was taken the other day, quickly too I must add. The plate is a vintage one I’ve had forever and the spoon came from the cutlery drawer. The processing was pretty quick too,  with the textures just adding a slightly painterly softness which was perfect for the look I was trying to achieve.

Smoky Dusk @ Overlay 67%
Greystoke (one of my favourite subtle textures) @ Softlight 100%
Then to tweak the tone I used:
Fly Nik Preset Iris

Smoky Dusk is from the Metallic Pack, Greystoke is from the Autumn Painterly Pack, and the Iris Preset is from the Preset 1 Pack.

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