Spring flower

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I hope you’re all enjoying the new Pastel Painterly Texture pack  as much as we are? I’m finding its textures particularly easy to use and not just for my usual flowers and still-lifes either, the pastels are working well on landscapes and beaches too!
Today’s photo is the first recipe using the new set, I must admit I just used the first two textures I tried and I’m sure I could have got a totally different result if I’d experimented more. The flower in the photo by the way, is a Muscari, almost the first of the spring bulbs to flower, as children we always called them matchsticks or match-heads because of their shape. I love their blue and the fact they thrive on neglect, perfect for my garden 🙂

Anyway the very easy recipe….
Angelica @ Overlay 100%
Juniper Berry @ Overlay 100% (masked softly from the flower)
Fly Nik Preset Fly II Egg and Bowl

Angelica and Juniper Berry are from the Pastel Painterly Pack, Fly Nik Preset Egg and Bowl is from the Nik Preset II Pack.

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